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Must I use a lower temperature when cooking in a pan?


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Must I use a lower temperature when cooking in a pan?

sam. 28 oct. 2017 - 14h07

Hi all,

I have a few bread recipes that I like. I cook all of them in the Lodge Logic combo cooker covered at 500F, then remove the cover and cook at 450F for the remainder. I like the crusty crust I get and the browning that the high temperature brings. But on occasion, I'd like to bake a more squarish loaf for day-to-day sandwiches.

Looking around on the web, the majority of baking methods I see using a pan specify an oven temperature around 350-375. Is there some reason that the temperature must be lower when using a pan? I'd like to try replicating my Combo Cooker method and cover a pan for part of the bake, but I can't see 350F giving me much more than a blonde crust. Is there a downside to cooking in a pan at 500/450?


For more details : brand videos