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mar. 21 nov. 2017 - 07h40

Hi all,

I have literally played this game for 10 years and have never had a main. With that said I more specifically mean that I have never hard core focused on any one class for a period of more than a couple months. I have literally played and to this day still have an account that has 1 of everything on it (almost all 110 also). With that said I tend to never have professions and maxed out anything at any given time because my time played is always split between multiple toons. I have never have max professions...whatever the current zone is I never have max reputations farmed...etc etc etc

What does it mean for someone to put years into something and still not have a main mean?
That playstyle as far as progression goes is obviously bad right?
Why dont i have a main? lol why why why ?

Ive always wanted to play at the top peak of performance but i just seem to never be focused on 1 single path


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