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How much is my xbox 360 worth?


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How much is my xbox 360 worth?

jeu. 23 nov. 2017 - 10h47

Hi all,

I have an xbox 360 thats in a good condition i don't move it at all and theres minimal scratches. It has 200 gb. The xbox also has kinect with maybe 2 kinect games. I will delete the rest of the stuff on it when im ready to sell. It also has forza horizon on the console. I have 1 wired controller, 1 wireless black, and 1 wireless army camo controller. The games I have are NBA 2k14, CoD AW, CoD MW2, CoD black ops 1, and Need for speed most wanted. Can you guys just tell me what all this together is worth and what you would pay for it from your perspective. Can you also tell me how much each thing would be worth and the best way to sell them to make the most money (All together, each individual). I would like the buy the PS4.

Thanks for your help.

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