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Merry Christmas !
20/02/2019 06:13:11

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Xbox one multiplayer joining issue


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Xbox one multiplayer joining issue

mer. 14 mars 2018 - 06h04


My friend and I can't play fs17 together on Xbox one we have the same mods and we have played before on the same save just the last two weeks we haven't been able to play he keeps getting the message " can not establish a connection to the multiplayer game" he joins the game and it goes from 10% to 20% then he's lost connection. We have both of our NATs set to open and still nothing one day we tried for 3 hours.. it sounds like a common problem just wondering if there's a fix I understand there's other forums about this I've read them and still nothing I even tried the set people to allow only friends on and off but still nothing I've just emailed giants but they are away for the holidays

Please help

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