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20/02/2019 05:55:49


The Visual Arts in Madison


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The Visual Arts in Madison

ven. 06 avril 2018 - 13h39


We live a small city, and one that doesn’t have a particularly high profile in terms of the visual arts. This is a tremendous shame, but because of this we (local artists) should all be working closely together and in a spirit of cooperation. However, our “premier” arts event is nigh on impossible to break into and because of that feels very stale and safe, and there is a definite hierarchical system that controls the visual arts here. An examination of the city art grants awarded each year will show many of the same suspects. There are so many incredibly talented and innovative artists here who do not get a chance to show their work to a wider audience. We need more city wide events, like Gallery Night, and small scale art fairs which are more neighborhood and/or avant-garde orientated. There are collectives full of bright, hard working artists dotted over the city that have scarce opportunities to achieve the recognition that they deserve. We need to raise the profile of the visual arts, beyond the established few, in Madison. I’m interested in what other artists here have to say.

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