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19/11/2018 09:54:30

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Audiovisual Context-Free animations?


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Audiovisual Context-Free animations?

ven. 06 avril 2018 - 13h36

Hi there,

I am a postgraduate music technology student who is quite interested in audiovisual works. I've found context-free a little while ago and it seems like it has a nice and simple way of working things out, in terms of algorithmic generation of images/videos. (I am not that proficient in coding but context-free is rather simple for me to work on).

I am planning to do a work using context-free, applying the principles of the code to musical parameters as well, and creating an audiovisual work with both domains sharing the same rules. I just need to know if there is anyone who has done this kind of thing before. My google search did not reveal any artists making audiovisuals using context-free, and I wanted to make a post here, since this is home for you all.So, does anyone know someone doing this stuff, or can anyone direct me to somewhere about it?

Please help

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