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Still hearing midi when part is deleted! Why?


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Still hearing midi when part is deleted! Why?

ven. 06 avril 2018 - 13h40


Sometimes on a track I have, let's say, a midi drum track playing. And there's a part where I want it to drop out 100% for two bars, so I cut and delete that part. It still plays on play back through the part where I actually removed the midi! Only way to mute it is with volume automation points and bring it down to zero then back up. Any idea what causes this? It's a hassle, but also limits what I can do because If I could do it by cutting the midi out of the timeline there, I'd get what I want, which is the drums gone, but the decay still there into the start of the cut part, not an abrupt drop to digital black. Please help if anyone knows what causes this.

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