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sam. 18 nov. 2017 - 15h33

Hi all,

I dug out my copy of Nier to replay it again since its one of my all time favourites. One thing i noticed was how effective the opening is -all the more so on replay when you know whats really going on- and it remains a favourite. It shows what looks like a snow covered ruin of a city in 'summer 2049' and a man with his sickly daughter makes a faustian deal with a book to gain powers to fight off waves of semi solid creatures called shades till his daughter collapses and he yells for help. Smash cut to '1000 years later' and the same father and daughter in very different clothes are in a fantasy looking village and everyones talking about how the world is nearing its end and burning out on fumes.
On replay the true nature of the opening is revealed to be super intersting, but on its own it remains one of my favourites because it raises so many questions to drag you into the story instead of so many games nowadays treating the opening like obligatory exposition or a tutorial to get out of the way.

Whats your favourite opening?


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