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Merry Christmas !
15/12/2018 15:49:17

Everything is awesomeeee

Why are you putting a DLC pre-order on sale?


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Why are you putting a DLC pre-order on sale?

mer. 01 nov. 2017 - 06h51

Hi all,

Why is this on discounted sale before the promoted DLC is even released? I bought the Season Pass on August 31st because it was advertised to be released Oct 2017. The Steam store removed the Scorched Earth DLC from the package and discounted 33% from the cost cause I already owned it and the key was in my inventory. So I have not received the 2 new DLC keys that have yet to be released. I paid full price for those 2 DLC. Steam put them up for sale at 25% discount this weekend even though the release of the first DLC has now been pushed delayed. They are allowing only a handful of customers to get refunds so they can repurchase the Season Pass at the discounted price.
A Steam CS rep said I played over 5,000+ hours of the Season Pass that I bought on Aug 31st 2017 and that I was not eligible to get a refund. I replied that I haven't even received the keys nor have the DLC even been activated so that I could even clock in a single hour, but they have not replied. So far I feel as if many are trying to ignore the situation until the sale is over so they can say it's too late.

Thank you

Also you can check this.

Corporate Animation


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Why are you putting a DLC pre-order on sale?

mar. 12 déc. 2017 - 08h44

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