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Merry Christmas !
20/02/2019 06:41:29

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Mutual Aid - an Address for Darwin Day by Jo James


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Mutual Aid - an Address for Darwin Day by Jo James

ven. 06 avril 2018 - 13h35


In my opinion this is the theological idea; an understanding of God as Spirit, interfusing and immanent throughout all things, which has defined and characterised our dissenting tradition more than any other because it is the theology which implies that revelation is not sealed in any creed or doctrine but may be directly available, to any individual unmediated by any clergy or ecclesial authority and available through many different sources. This understanding comes to us directly from what is called the �radical reformation� the Anabaptists; Hutterites, Mennonites, and others in Europe and Seekers, Levellers, Ranters and others in Britain. All shared a belief in the primacy of the Spirit and all of them were persecuted because they refused to abide by doctrines which they considered unreasonable.

I think we can be quite proud of our traditions but I also think their real value lies in their contemporary application.
A lot of people nowadays draw comparisons between the Spirit theology of the radical reformation and the liberation theologies of Latin America. And I want to suggest that they might also have a certain amount in common with ideas closer to home.

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