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Merry Christmas !
26/05/2019 19:44:47

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mer. 22 nov. 2017 - 08h53

Hi there,

So, I've been playing Dark Souls 3. It's...okay, so far, at least in my eyes. Need to play it more to really have a definitive opinion, which is something that people tend to have with the souls games! And I want to hear yours.

What is your favourite of t he five soulsborne games? And why?

Mine is, without a doubt, Dark Souls 1 - mostly because it was the first one that I've played, and that is a common factor when discussing favourite Souls games. I think that the level design was great, the difficulty was right on point (some parts were bullshit, like the Anor Londo archers, but hey) and the NPCs and bosses were super memorable.


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